Scenario and Sustainability

Climate change is a critical issue facing our planet. As we collectively continue to search for solutions, the Scenario Team has made a long-term commitment to play our part - not just by meeting all regulatory compliance standards, but endeavouring to embed sustainable solutions into all aspects of our business. We push beyond basic compliance standards wherever we can, and remain firmly committed to supporting a sustainable future.

Our Sustainability Scenarios

Basic Compliance

To ensure your building is energy efficient and to get ahead of the curve, our base level approach is adhering to basic compliance regulations. This begins by complying with Part L and Part O Building Regulations – setting the standard for reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy performance whilst addressing overheating concerns.

We take a proactive approach to meeting these requirements with the intention to exceed them wherever possible – always taking care to explain the long term benefits to our clients and guiding through the process of future-proofing their homes.

Scenario’s Approach to Sustainability

At Scenario, we strive to embed sustainability as an integral element of our ethos. We believe that it should be woven into the fabric of our design process and our business operations, rather than simply being seen as an optional extra. Our team is dedicated to creating designs that intentionally incorporate sustainable methodologies and materials to deliver an impactful home.

By playing our part in developing innovative solutions and best practice examples that can be shared with the wider architecture industry, we believe we are shifting the focus from optional to essential to drive faster progress and brighter solutions, for us and for future generations.

Bespoke Sustainability Scenarios

Every Scenario project presents a unique set of challenges that we address through deep research and unmatched creativity, always keeping our client’s budget in mind. Our intrinsically tailored approach to design has enabled us to develop a like-minded partnership with sustainability experts at Envision.

The Envision team created a 3D energy model of our client’s home with the capacity to trial a number of different efficiency and sustainability scenarios, depending on their specific goals. This allows us to test different approaches and levels of home improvement for our clients, and help guide them through their selection of what level of sustainability to strive for.

Bespoke Sustainability Scenarios

Level 1 - Performance Design

By incorporating Part L and O into building designs, we can lay down a foundation for improving the energy performance of your home. We strive to design buildings which produce natural thermal comfort throughout any season by enhancing their thermal envelopes and introducing renewable energy solutions through Passive and Active design strategies that work in harmony with each other.


  Bespoke environmental solutions
  Lower long term running costs
  A more efficient home

Level 2 - Optimised Lifestyle

Working with Envision allows us to select your ideal sustainability goals by modelling different scenarios in a 3D digital energy twin model of your home. With each scenario we test, detailed reports provide invaluable insights into projected costs, analyse how to maximise your thermal comfort levels and how to deliver an efficient home. We take the guesswork out of predicting running costs and how to optimise your comfort so that you can make informed decisions about what’s best for your lifestyle and budget.


  Maximising daylight, airflow and thermal comfort
  Addressing design to minimise future energy bills
  High performance, optimised home

Level 3 - Certified Wellbeing

The overriding consideration at the heart of every design decision should be your overall well being. And pushing the boundaries of the sustainability credentials your home can achieve is an incredible way to maximise every aspect of your well being. Along the journey to achieve certifications such as Passivhaus and EnerPHit, our objectives are to identify and reduce embodied carbon, officially certify your home to best practice environmental standards and enhance biodiversity and ecology.


 Whole life analysis of embodied carbon
 Adding value through official sustainability certification
 Enhancing surrounding habitats and flora and fauna

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In Our Own Words

Our Designer Teo Talks Sustainability and Scenario Architecture, and shares her thoughts on how we are playing our part in the fight against climate change.

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