We begin by asking our clients to imagine their lives in the completed house and to describe their desired interaction with it. We then analyse these descriptions in detail to give us a highly defined brief.

This brief is then converted into a 3-dimensional simulation which is both revealing and informative, illuminating aspirations, requirements and patterns of habitation.

From this base, the formal expression emerges, facilitating the requirements of each client’s unique brief. The resulting spaces are easily read as a resolution of the challenges presented by brief and context.

This methodical process strips the design of style and preconceptions, resulting in a completely bespoke and personal design.

Only once the form and spatial qualities of the design are clarified, we ask: Which materials lend themselves effectively and sustainably to the realisation of the design?

We believe that architecture should provide the backdrop for life and not take centre stage. Life itself is in full colour, so materials are used in their honest, natural state.

We create, evaluate and communicate design using advanced 3D design tools, enabling us to provide realistic real-time visualisations and virtual reality tours as a standard part of our service across all projects.

Using the latest technology as an integral part of the design process increases both our and, more importantly, our client’s control over the design and execution of the project.

All projects are developed in 3D using BIM (Building Information Modelling). With this cutting-edge technology, all project information is derived from a single, accurate and coordinated digital model.

This technology has proved time and again to deliver significant time and cost savings to our clients. This is due to the increased accuracy of all information, which results in smoother collaboration with consultants and ease of identification and resolution of any issues which may arise.

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