More than just a name for a practice, Scenario Architecture represents a unique way of thinking, approaching and creating buildings.

Our team is constantly working to find new ways to convert requirements, limitations and dreams into homes to live in and interact with.
Our architecture is unique because it is unencumbered by style or preconception; it emerges spontaneously from a methodical, analytic design process.
By engaging our clients in an inclusive and interactive process, we meticulously develop a high definition and illuminating brief.
This is then examined in relation to all relevant restrictions, including sustainability, planning, structural and regulatory considerations.
Careful accommodation of these, often contradictory, variables, is our definition of design and the only driving force that shapes our work.



10A Branch Place London N1 5PH


+44 (0)20 7686 3445 info@scenarioarchitecture.com

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Scenario Architecture is an award-winning RIBA chartered practice, providing full architectural services from concept and detail design, through to planning, tendering, construction information, site inspection, full project management and contract administration for residential and commercial projects.

Our highly skilled team work in a seamless and collaborative manner both in house and with external consultants, enabling us to repeatedly deliver high quality, elegant and cost effective design solutions.

We have extensive experience with renovations extensions and new builds, working in many planning authorities with an exceptional success rate and are experienced with administering all standard forms of building contract.

All projects are developed using advanced BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology. This technology helps us to cultivate a collaborative teamwork approach with everyone who is involved in the project, prevents typical coordination issues and significantly reduces time, cost and risk for our clients.


We are looking for an Architectural Technologist/Technical Architect to join our team and engage with all technical aspects of our projects.


  • Ran Ankory

    Managing Director and Founder

  • Maya Carni

    Director and Founder - Architect ARB RIBA Chartered

  • Rachel de Cesaro

    Practice Manager - MSc|MBA

  • Tibor Gombos

    Technical Designer - Architect BSc

  • Cristina Blanco Montero

    Technical Designer - Architect ARB RIBA Chartered

  • Theofanis Anastasiadis

    Lead Designer - Architect ARB RIBA Chartered

  • Teodora Iancu

    Designer - Architect MSc

  • David Rieser

    Designer - Architect ARB

  • Katerina Spetsiou

    Project Director - Architect ARB

  • Bernard Farrant

    Technical Designer - B(Arch) Hons