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Architects Hackney

Scenario Architecture’s close relationship with the London Borough of Hackney began more than a decade ago, when founding partners Ran Ankory and Maya Carni moved to the neighbourhood to start a family and establish a residential architecture practice.

Ran and Maya established Scenario in 2007 with a vision to develop a uniquely collaborative architecture. Scenario takes a considered approach to its clients’ desires, placing their aspirations for a new, architect-designed home in high definition. The clients’ needs are the main drivers of the design process.

A beautiful, highly functional home is the product of a deep understanding and precise analysis of each client’s unique lifestyle. Each tailor-made Scenario home tells the story of the owners – not the architects.

Ran and Maya’s first property, a three-bedroom flat in Stoke Newington, provided a platform for their ambitious ideas and innovative methods. This experience working as local architects in Hackney led to significant exposure in the press, and the unique fireplace was shortlisted for the Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Awards.

Nearly a decade later, Ran and Maya purchased, designed and renovated their second home in Hackney. The Scenario House was widely published and shortlisted for several prestigious awards – including the 2018 RIBA London Award.

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Architects Hackney

Minimal extension and renovation, Hackney.

Architects Hackney

Extensive renovation in the south Hampstead conservation area, Camden.

Architects Hackney Your Hackney project

Starting your Hackney project

If you’re considering a residential architectural project in Hackney, we’re here to help, whether it’s a renovation, extension or new-build. We’ve created a brief illustrated overview to help you understand each stage of the process, whether you’re planning a home extension, renovation or new-build in Hackney. Most architecture projects require planning permission. In Stoke Newington, Clapton, Dalston, Shoreditch and all other Hackney neighbourhoods, that means obtaining planning permission from Hackney Council. With our successful record securing planning permission on behalf of our clients, we can claim home advantage across Hackney.


Discover if your architect has had success steering planning applications through your local council. Visit the “planning applications” page of your council’s website, then enter the architect’s name in the search criteria.

Architects Hackney


We have created guides for homeowners to provide additional advice and help with your project. The following eBooks are currently available for you to download:

1. Planning in London and the home counties - A guide for homeowners
2. Self build - A guide to building your own new build home
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Architects Hackney >> Your Hackney project Scenario Architecture

Working with Scenario Architecture on your Hackney project

Scenario is a boutique architecture studio focused on high-end residential projects in and around London. We tackle domestic projects of every scale and complexity, from interior refurbishments to full renovations and new-builds, through our bespoke architecture service.

Our experienced, highly skilled team can take you step-by-step through the challenge of designing your new space. We’ll always collaborate closely with you from the initial drawings, detail design and planning through tender and construction to the successful completion of your project. On time and on budget.

Scenario Architecture is a RIBA Chartered Practice. We comply with the strict criteria of the Royal Institute of Chartered Architects, covering insurance, health and safety and quality-management.

Early adopters of the latest technology, we use 3D design and visualisation tools as a standard for all projects. Our experience shows that real-time visualisations and virtual reality are extremely efficient tools for choosing finishes, fixtures and fittings, and simulating natural light.

We also use 3D building information modelling (BIM) technology to produce reliable construction information, so all our project data comes from an accurate, coordinated 3D model. Using this cutting-edge technology collaboratively with consultants and contractors is proven to save our clients time and money. This Chartered Institute of Building case study featuring a Scenario project demonstrates the great benefits of this advanced technology for domestic architecture.

Architects Hackney

Contemporary extension in a Hackney conservation area.

Architects Hackney

Complete renovation and extension in Clapton, Hackney.

Architects Hackney

Roof extension and conversion to flats of a property in London Fields, Hackney.

Architects Hackney >> Your Hackney Project Further Reading

Pretty much as close as you can get to the ancient City of London, Hackney boasts some of the oldest and most interesting architecture in the capital. Between the medieval churches and historic shopfronts you’ll also happen upon some of the most contemporary building from the wealth of architects living in and around the borough. Large gaps in the architectural fabric – a result of disused industrial sites, subdivided estates and bombing from the Second World War – have encouraged contemporary regeneration over the past few decades. In many areas, building and renovation restrictions have been more relaxed, allowing experimental thinking to flourish. Lower prices, traditionally, have also attracted creative business and culture. The borough is a favourite of young professionals, both for its easy reach of the start-up enterprises around Clerkenwell and Shoreditch and for its bus routes into the City.

All this goes to say that Hackney has a reputation for being one of the most exciting places to live in London today. The great collection of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses available on the market is ripe for improvement. And brownfield sites between those houses are available for innovative development. The RIBA East Awards – sponsored by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) – are some of the most anticipated in the UK. And the RIBA London Award shortlist disproportionately honours residential developments across the borough of Hackney. Scenario House, built by our own practice in Hackney’s E5 postcode, appeared on the shortlist for the 2018 RIBA London Award. If you are considering building or improving a property in East London, you will have the opportunity to create something truly outstanding.

The oldest borough in North and East London, Hackney is filled with three- and four-bedroom family homes built during the rise of the railroads. The robust stock of Georgian, Victorian and late-Victorian terrace and semi-detached houses has great potential for expansion into side return spaces, disused underground storage holes and lofts. Living here means becoming part of the area’s long, storied history. Communities here survived the Blitz, saw the growth of London’s middle classes and welcomed millions of newcomers over the ensuing decades. Out on the streets you’ll hear a hundred languages spoken and learn about dozens of exotic foods in the markets and restaurants, from the Turkish and Cypriot communities in Stoke Newington to the Afro Caribbean populations in Dalston to the Hasidic Jewish community of Stamford Hill, the Vietnamese of Hoxton and the Bengali and Indian populations of further east.

These London neighbourhoods promise to improve as much as, if not more than, any in the coming years. The neighbourhood of Clapton, for one, is experiencing a great property boom. Here, gentrification is edging out downtrodden estates and no-go roads and the parks are once again filled with families and young professionals. Homerton is catching up fast to wealthier corners like de Beauvoir Town and London Fields, with a colourful weekend market and sprinkling of independent businesses.

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Architects Hackney >> Scenario Architecture In our clients words


Architects Hackney

FAQWhat is unique about the Scenario design process?
The scenario design process was developed, tested and perfected through over a decade of extensive delivery of residential projects within and around London, some of its key features are listed below:   
  • Scenario based design – We start each and every project with a meticulous analysis of our client’s vision, requirements and aspirations. We do this by asking our clients to imagine their everyday scenarios living in the completed house and describe their desired interaction with it. 
We then translate the resulting high definition brief into an informative and revealing 3-dimensional simulation, illuminating aspirations, requirements and patterns of habitation. 
  • Uniquely interactive - Our client’s deep involvement in the process does not stop with completion of the brief. Our design meetings are highly interactive, informal and fun. 
Sitting together in front of a real time 3D model of the proposed design with realistic materials, lighting and textures we push and pull the proposed scheme together to explore its full potential and drag and drop different materials to explore various options. hen we invite our clients to take a virtual reality tour through advanced equipment that is always available in our practice for our clients to explore their projects at different stages of development. 
  • Designed to reflect you – Based purely on your lifestyle, aspirations and requirements and free from externally imposed concepts, metaphors and pre-conceptions, a completely fresh and unique design will gradually emerge and it will tell your story not ours. 
It will not look like an image cut out of a trendy architecture magazine and not designed to intentionally impress anyone. It will feel familiar, warm and inviting and you will recognise yourself in it because it will be a genuine expression of the unique way in which you and your family wish to interact with it and enjoy it for many years to come.

Architects Hackney

FAQWhich additional consultants are required for my project?
A key aspect, absolutely necessary to ensure successful delivery of your project is appointing a suitable and competent professional team. If we work together on your project we would be appointed as your Architects and Lead Consultants and help you to assemble the rest of the professional team. Most projects in and around London will require at least four additional consultants, a Structural Engineer, a Quantity Surveyor for cost control, an Approved Inspector to ensure and certify compliance with building regulations and a Party Wall Surveyor if any work is to be done to a party wall or structure. For some projects, depending on scale, complexity and your specific aspirations it may be recommended/required to use the services of additional consultants. Including but not limited to: Planning, Heritage, Right of Light, Landscape Designer, Audio Visual and Building Services Engineer. When appropriate, we will discuss these options with you and obtain relevant quotes for all additional consultants for you to consider.

Architects Hackney

FAQWhat is the cost of building an extension?
Currently we recommend allowing between £2,500 and £3,000 per square metre for side extensions, rear extensions or front extensions. For basement extensions, which are most expensive way to add space to your home, we recommend that you allow between £3,000 and £3,500 per square metre. When it comes to roof extensions, our experience shows that it is better to allow a lump sum of £40,000-£60,000 for loft conversions with dormer windows and between £80,000 and £120,000 for mansard roof extensions. These ranges are based on averages from numerous actual projects that we have completed in and around London since we established Scenario in 2007. We only use these rough costs per square metre during the early stages of design to maintain awareness of your target budget until a cost professional is appointed and more accurate methods of estimation are employed. The actual cost for your project will depend on many factors, including the complexity of the design, level of structural support required, and selection of fixtures, fittings material finishes. Using these rough ranges as a guide we will work together with you in an interactive process to optimise budget and scope and find the balance that works best for you. The estimated costs per square metre mentioned above are for the build costs only and exclude VAT and professional fees.

Architects Hackney

FAQWhat is the cost of an internal refurbishment?
Currently we recommend allowing between £2,500 and £3,000 per square metre for areas which will undergo an extensive renovation. We designate an area of the project as extensive renovation if the planned works includes substantial changes to layouts, significant structural works, re-plumbing, re-wiring and full redecoration. For areas of lighter internal renovation which do not require significant changes to layout or substantial structural works but do require full redecoration, re-plumbing and rewiring, we recommend allowing between £2,000 and £2,500 as an estimated cost per square metre, we designate these areas as requiring medium renovation. If there areas in your project which only call for a light renovation such as re-plastering, and painting, installing new floor finishes and light modifications of electrics and plumbing fittings, we will designate these as areas of light renovation and recommend that you allow £1,500-£2,000 per square metre or even as low as between £1,000-£1,500 if you only have light touches in mind. The real cost for your project will depend on several different variables including the complexity of the design, extent of structural works and level of fixtures, fittings and material finishes. These estimated costs per square metre are for the build cost excluding VAT and professional fees.

Architects Hackney

FAQWhat is the fee structure used by Scenario Architecture?
The fee structure that we will offer will depend on the type and scale of your project as well as the scope required from us. The vast majority of the projects we take on are what we call ‘full projects’, these are projects for which we will provide full Architectural services from inception to completion, covering the standard scope of services offered by most RIBA Chartered Architects and more. For these full projects our fees will be calculated on the basis of an agreed percentage of the final cost of the building works exclusive of VAT and professional fees. At any given time, we will calculate our fees based on the latest construction cost estimates available until the final cost of the building works has been ascertained. Our fees will be adjusted both forward and retrospectively to reflect any increase in budget and scope of the project, and forward only (due to work already completed) to reflect any decrease in budget/scope. During early stages, our fees will be calculated based on our in-house estimation tool and once available, on estimates by the appointed Quantity Surveyor, followed by actual prices of returned tenders and finally, the contract sum reflecting any changes during construction. Under unusual circumstances we may agree to take on projects only up to a certain stage, for example up to planning, and sometimes from a certain stage if we are taking over from another Architect. For these ‘partial scope projects’ we will normally put forward a simple fixed lump sum proposal.