The Scenario House






Clapton, E5

We purchased the house to completely renovate, extend and adapt it to the scenarios of our own family. It was an opportunity to be our own clients and ‘practice what we preach’.

The main design challenge was to physically and visually connect the front part of the house with the basement below while producing an open plan spatial sequence encompassing living, dining and kitchen.

This challenge was solved by creating a split-level double reception, connected to the kitchen and garden beyond via an angled glazed roof light and a ‘floating’ library feature that leads up to the bedroom floors

We used all the available space offered by the house, under the stairs and eaves as well as other areas with restricted height. One of these spaces, beneath the lowered section of reception above, presented an opportunity for a fun and practical kids area.    

A storage unit under the stairs features a pull-out table and bench, inviting the kids to do homework and art activities in a designated yet connected part of the home. By including our children in the design process their bedroom came to include a ‘secret space’ entered via a climbing wall and exited using a fireman’s pole.

Photography: Matt Clayton

Lower Ground Floor
Ground Floor