The Internal Lightwell






Stoke Newington, N16

This project extended our client’s Victorian home to provide a larger kitchen with better transitions between the living areas while maintaining access, light and fresh air to the basement. The garden contained flowerbeds with mature plants that were important for the family. Care was taken to integrate these into the new design.

We created an internal lightwell, directly connecting the basement lounge and office space to the kitchen above, whilst keeping the basement well-lit through a set of new roof lights. The dining table is positioned next to a glazed seating area, providing a much-needed sunny spot near the garden, taking advantage of it its southerly orientation.

The family dog, Bella, had a favourite spot next to the dining area. In the new layout she was not forgotten, receiving a cosy space between the dining table and the basement staircase. In the garden curved flowerbeds merge to form a bench before flowing seamlessly into the house, producing continuity between interior and exterior spaces.

Photography: Matt Clayton

Ground Floor
First Floor