In With The Old And With The New






Clapton, E5

Our clients had been living in this ground floor flat for several years before deciding to renovate it. It had dilapidated glass conservatory which froze in winter and overheated during summer months. This also restricted the light coming into the adjacent sitting room.
In planning terms, the generously proportioned form offered great potential for a complete redesign.
The initial brief felt contradictory as our clients wanted a modern open extension with plenty of natural light, while also respecting the original layout and separation of space typical of a Victorian villa.
We successfully collaborated with local planners to secure support for our bold proposal within a Conservation Area. The result was a truly unique design featuring a fully glazed, sustainably-sourced timber clad extension that houses the kitchen and dining area and faces the garden. Deeper into the floor plan, the original rear wall of the house remains intact with its windows and doors openings creating internal balconies.

Photography:Matt Clayton

Ground Floor Plan