Compayne Gardens






West hampstead, NW6

This project, located on a West Hampstead street with Victorian character, transforms an existing garage space into a contemporary freestanding home.

The design centres on a stylised brick surface that wraps around the inhabited spaces. It travels upward in a spiral formation to shroud a second storey, which houses the sleeping quarters. Perforations in the brick façade allow it to communicate with the outdoors, allowing air and light to flow through while introducing an element of privacy. Our design takes into consideration the home’s proximity to a public footpath and highway, as well as the site’s infill gardens.

The living areas on the ground floor are broken up by a landscaped courtyard, which juts into the space from the gardens, blurring the boundary between indoors and out. Gardens wrap around the perimeter of the upper storey, and rooflights at both levels stream in natural light. This carefully placed glazing, along with solar panels and openings in the brick, regulate temperature and generate electricity on site.

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Ground Floor
Ground Floor
First Floor

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