Chancellor Court






Barnet, N3

We are developing a new four storey building to create eight self-contained flats with lower ground floor parking area for 12 cars. At Chancellor Court, the existing site was previously occupied by a petrol station with a hand car wash business at the front and a four storey building behind.

The new scheme benefits of a unit mix and quality of accommodation with a greater floor space than usual, this being significant given their residential use, where the provision of more floor area is considered particularly beneficial. Whilst the built form on the site would increase, the development would remain in accordance with the amenity space standards.

The proposal utilises several opportunities to create an exemplary building for the area. The design also incorporates green roof sections across all levels, which will have a considerable effect on the overall sustainability of the project. Green roofs have been shown to impact positively on a building’s energy consumption by improving the roofs thermal performance. Also, the use of a living green wall system enhances the thermal properties of the envelope and will further enhance the sustainability given to the project by the green roofs.

The proposal will have a beneficial effect on the streetscape. The front elevation consists of a grey brick texture to blend in with the colours and materiality of the adjoining buildings, with large openings with sliding sunshade louvres to create an airy and perforated outcome.

Landscape Architects:  Concept Landscape Architects


Ground Floor
Ground Floor & First Floor
Second Floor & Third Floor

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