A Bow to the Side






Dulwich, SE24

The redesign of this Victorian family house in Dulwich involves the removal and replacement of existing rear and side extensions. The proposal extends further to the side but maintains the maximum height of the existing. In order to respect the neighbours, a sweeping roof form allows a transition from the highest point to low eaves height adjacent to the boundary wall. This bowing form is clad with zinc externally and on the interior, the fanning structure is expressed.

Internally, the architecture is centred around the unification of two key functions – Circulation and Storage – these two elements combine to allow both transitions through the ground floor and organisation of everyday functions as efficiently as possible. Together they generate a Core composed of joinery items. This contemporary, functional and rationalised central element accommodates and arranges within it a variety of functions including a guest toilet, laundry and secondary entrance, as well as storage.

The Core is positioned between the front and rear of the house, old and new architecture and formal and functional entrances.

This allows it to ensure items, activities and spaces all have their specific place. They are distinct, self contained and organised but still connected to the degree required.

Ground Floor
Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor

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