In conjunction with the London Festival of Architecture at the Dreamspace Gallery, we presented an exhibition displaying our understanding of architectural space; this­ exhibition explored our design process as it evolved and slowly abstracted over the years through  built work and adoption of emerging technologies.

On the 1st June we opened the exhibition with an interactive show featured across multimedia platforms, Visitors were invited to experience the inner workings of a unique process, welcoming them into its physical and virtual moments. Guests were invited to explore our process through the use of virtual reality headsets.

A design journey from inception to completion was demonstrated through a piece of human scale architecture, designed especially for this exhibition and fabricated to a high level of craftsmanship by Ecore Construction.

Below are some comments from Scenario Architecture, and pictures that were taken on the evening.

“Everybody was very engaged by both the text and the VR; it was a good conversation starter. Many people expressed their admiration of Scenario’s design outcomes. All round a successful evening.” – David

“The visitors enjoyed the phased approach of the exhibition. Brief – Form – Materials. It made everything clear. The material boards were a very nice addition, not usual in this kind of exhibition. It was very nice seeing the Head of LFA choosing our opening night. People got excited about the VR and were asking a lot of questions – even other architects  were asking about difficulties in making it. People understood about the complexity of seemingly simple solutions and appreciated the craftsmanship of a temporary exhibit, the speed of construction to this level of finish and presentation, reusability and cheap material. There was understanding and appreciation of close collaboration between technical-design-manufacturing via BIM and accurate 3D modelling, along with possible shortcomings and how to overcome them.”  – Fanis

“To celebrate our anniversary along with such an excellent exhibition, which reflects what we preach, was an amazing experience. Throughout the night you could see the guests enjoying themselves and most importantly, having a taste of what Scenario is all about. An event to remember!” – Rachel

“The exhibition was well received, and conversations were extremely positive about what was on the walls and the central object, people were surprised that it was CNC machined. There was an interest in using similar technology to directly fabricated components in our projects. There was a general admiration of the Scenario projects with a real appreciation of the key philosophies that drive our creative process. There was also an understanding that Scenario’s designs are a direct response to clients’ needs and are aspirational.” – Giovanni

“It felt that people were really engaging with the exhibition, both with the panels and the VR experience. A few people told me that they now understand much better what we will do, are doing and in some cases already did for their projects.

The mix of people was interesting and nice to see unexpected interactions between people who relate to Scenario in completely different ways. We had past clients, potential clients, end users and developers, constants and contractors.

It was a great honour to find out that the senior team of LFA, including the chairman Barry Mckeogh, chose to participate in our event and they seemed interested in us and in what we do.

Apparently, some people thought that the central piece we designed especially for the event and exhibition was part of the space and was therefore always there. For many other architects who would want to make bold statements with their design this could be a great insult, for Scenario, it is the best compliment we can wish for. We would like our clients to feel the same about their new home, which should feel like it was always there, seamlessly integrating into everyday life, as it was tailor-made to enhance it.” – Ran

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