We were recently interviewed for self-build magazine Build It about our project ‘The Nook’ in London.  They had seen that we had taken a clever approach to converting a townhouse loft and were interested to dig deeper in to how this renovation project evolved. You can read the article below…

Located moments from Regent’s Canal this three storey townhouse has recently undergone a revision thanks to London-based designers Scenario Architecture. The homeowners wanted more intimate spaces in their property for the family to enjoy time together or alone. However, the existing structure of the building was to remain the same, meaning there wasn’t an opportunity to extend.

The solution was to create a series of nooks throughout the property, one of which was to be the unused loft. This zone has been transformed into a mezzanine play area overlooking the top storey of the house. The previously unused loft was behind a solid wall, which has been opened up to allow for the extra space. A staircase has also been fitted here to lead up to the new area.

The finished attic storey feels more like a part of the room below thanks to the fishnet partitions, built into the curved steel walls instead of a traditional balustrade. The ceiling in the loft was too low as it was, so a large recessed rooflight has been installed at the top of the building to bring height and natural illumination into the mezzanine area.

“The Nook emerged via the embellishment of the essential elements of the house, using carefully tailored joinery features,” says architect Ran Ankory.

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