This year Scenario Architecture are participating in the world-renowned OPEN HOUSE that is happening across London this September.

If you aren’t aware of the capital’s largest architectural showcase, the basis of the event is that it opens up London’s splendid buildings to the general public who don’t otherwise have access.

Our contribution to this amazing event is to open up our very own ‘Scenario House’ to the public. In under a year the Scenario House has been featured in dozens of architectural journals, magazines and even TV shows. Nothing, however, can take away from the real thing and opening our signature building up to the public will allow users to be engaged with the space and to truly know what the reality is.

Saturday 16th September: 10am to 1pm + Architect led tour at 1pm (max 15)

Sunday 17th September: 1pm to 5pm + Architect led tour at 5pm (max 15)