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The opportunity to build a house in or around London is a unique prospect packed with potential. But it requires an architect who understands your vision, your lifestyle and the local protocol. Scenario Architecture has been designing high-end, hard-working contemporary homes across London for more than a decade. One of the top small architects in the city for house building, Scenario has featured in Elle Decoration, Dezeen and Houzz, and its modern design has been shortlisted for several prestigious architecture prizes – including the 2018 RIBA London Awards. When you build a house in London, Scenario is a skilled and proven partner.

We established our boutique firm in 2007 with a vision to develop a uniquely collaborative architecture, where clients who wish to build a house get a high-functioning first-class partner. Devising a liveable, modern design is the product of a deep understanding of each homeowner’s unique lifestyle. That shows in our design, and it’s made Scenario one of the best small architects in London for building a house.

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Interior Architects in London

If you plan to design a house in or around London, Scenario is here to help.

Most architecture projects in London require planning permission from the local council. With our successful record securing planning permission for House Building projects on behalf of our clients, we can claim home advantage across the capital.

We’ve created a brief illustrated overview to help you understand each stage of the House Build process.


Discover if your chosen architect has had success steering planning applications through your local council. Visit the “planning applications” page of your council’s website and enter the architect’s name in the search criteria.

Interior Architects London


To help you understand what it takes to obtain planning permission to design a house in London, we’ve created this helpful guide. Download it below.
Planning guide

Interior Architects London Design a house with Scenario Architecture

Working with Scenario Architecture to design a house

Scenario is a boutique architecture studio focused on high-end House Building projects in and around London. Through our bespoke modern design service, we tackle projects of every scale and complexity, from new-builds and full renovations down to interior alterations and refurbishments.

Our highly skilled team can walk you through the steps required to design a house. We collaborate closely with our clients from the initial drawings, detail design and planning through tender and construction to the project’s successful completion. On time and on budget.

We use innovative 3D design and visualisation tools as a standard for all projects. Our experience shows that real-time visualisations and virtual reality are efficient tools for choosing finishes, fixtures and fittings, and simulating natural light. And our expertise with 3D building information modelling (BIM) technology produces reliable construction information, so all our project data comes from an accurate, coordinated 3D model. Using this cutting-edge technology collaboratively with consultants and contractors saves our clients time and money.

A Chartered Institute of Building case study featuring a Scenario project demonstrates the great benefits of this advanced technology for domestic architecture.

Scenario Architecture is a RIBA Chartered Practice. We comply with the strict criteria of the Royal Institute of Chartered Architects, covering insurance, health and safety and quality-management systems.

Interior Architects London

Wrap-around extension and full renovation

Interior Architects London

Extensive renovation within a conservation area

Interior Architects London

Full refurbishment of a terraced house

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Through the ages, when London has come up with an architectural style, the city has tended to stick with it for a while. This tendency is what makes a Georgian house so distinguishable from a Victorian, Edwardian, art deco and mid-century home. The elegant lines and flourishes of many urban English styles – and the devotion to lively paint colours – keep the structures from looking cookie-cutter. Still, even a novice can peg the era of a structure within a few decades.

The same goes for the interior. Visit a Georgian home in any English market town and you will be able to find your way around – from the drawing rooms to the kitchens, bedrooms and baths. Victorian terraced homes – the most common house style of London and beyond – are built to a similar template. There’s a double reception, a kitchen in the rear and stairs to the bedrooms and bath. Same number of windows, similar roof pitch. The few variations between them occur in the number of stairs, based on the grade of the property, and the number of bedrooms, based on the footprint.

For that reason, most contemporary architects have worked out space-saving and space-enhancing solutions that can be replicated from house to house. The loft extension, side-return extension and basement excavation have become commonplace moves across the capital and the Home Counties.

These strategies are popular because they work to expand a house when a family needs it. They bring in additional light, make kitchens more functional and acknowledge the different ways in which families are living today. Yet although these designs are classics, they aren’t the be-all and end-all. We at Scenario use the latest technology to recoup space and expand in all directions. We maximise hidden corners under stairs and in the eaves. And we find ways to improve the flow of a home that incorporate unusual angles and silhouettes.

Most important of all, we tailor every one of our home interiors to the homeowners and their lifestyle. Just as no two families are the same, no two kitchens, bathrooms or wardrobes should be. We consult with our clients every step of the way to make sure the way you live, work, sleep, cook, dress and play is reflected in their environment. For this reason, every one of our designs has a different look and flow. So on the outside, you may recognise the house as Victorian, Edwardian or mid-century; but inside, you won’t recognise it as a Scenario House.

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Interior Architects London In our clients words


We wanted to renovate our house in a conservation area in central London. Given this involved a complete demolition and new build with an extra floor on top, getting planning approval was always going to be tricky. Scenario did an amazing job on the new house ‘envelope’ and throughout the planning phase. We couldn’t have wished for better from them and having succeeded in gaining planning approval owe them a very big ‘thank you’.


Scenario designed a kitchen extension for us, and we are delighted with the results. The process was well organised, planned and delivered, and the whole team were a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them for their design, planning and project management skills.


Worked with these guys on the internal development of our office. From start to finish they were great. They got what we wanted first time and really made working with them very easy. Their aftercare has been great too helping us deal with something that they were not involved with in the first place. Will highly recommend them to anyone.

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