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The strong and personal relationship Scenario Architecture has with Stoke Newington, started over a decade ago, when our founding partners Ran Ankory and Maya Carni chose Stokey as an ideal location to establish a new family and a new residential architecture practice.

The vision behind Scenario was to develop a uniquely collaborative architecture, where client’s requirements and aspirations for their newly designed home are considered in higher definition than ever before and given central stage as the main drivers of the design process.

The working assumption was that a deeper understanding and methodical analysis of the unique way in which every one of us would like to interact with our home will produce unique, tailor-made and functional homes which tells the story of its dwellers rather than that of its Architects.

With great ideas and no grounds to test them at the time, Ran & Maya realised that the best place to start is with their own project, their first property in London. They bought a three bedroom flat in Stoke Newington in 2007, designed it strictly following their innovative method and built it themselves.

They purchased a three bedroom flat in Stoke Newington in 2007, designed it strictly following their innovative method and built it themselves. This early experience working as local architects in Stoke Newington lead to significant exposure in the press, as the unique fireplace featured in the scheme was shortlisted for the Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Awards.

Almost a decade later, as the scenarios of their growing family called for more space, Scenario’s second opportunity to practice what they preach resulted in The Scenario House, also in Stoke Newington, which was published widely and shortlisted for several prestigious awards including the RIBA London Awards 2018.

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Focal Shift fire place, first project as local architects in Stoke Newington


The Scenario house, Stoke Newington during NLA Open House event

Starting your Stoke Newington project

If you are thinking about starting an architectural project in Stoke Newington, be it a renovation, an extension to an existing property or even a new build house we are here to help. We created a brief and illustrated overview of the process to help you understand what to expect through the various stages of a residential, extension, renovation or new build project in Stoke Newington.

Most projects would need planning permission, which in Stoke Newington will require obtaining planning permission from Hackney Council. Our extensive track record working with Hackney planning department and successfully securing planning permissions for our clients enables us to consider Hackney in general and Stoke Newington in particular our home court.


TIP: To find out the actual track record which any architects you may be considering has with your local council, go to the planning application search page on your local council’s website and use the search by agent option.


To help you understand in more detail what is required for obtaining planning permission in Stoke Newington we created a helpful and clear guide which you can download below:

This guide is suitable for people who intend to make alterations to their homes that will require the consent of their local council.

It is based on our own extensive experience and explains in simple terms the UK planning process and how to successfully navigate through it.

Working with Scenario Architecture on your Stoke Newington project

Established in 2007, Scenario Architecture is a boutique architecture studio focused on the high-end residential sector, working extensively throughout and around London. We specialise in every scale and type of domestic project, from interior alterations, through full renovations and refurbishments to new build homes. We offer a full bespoke architecture service tailored to fit your requirements and aspirations.

Our friendly and highly skilled team has the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to take you step-by-step through the challenging and exciting journey of creating your new home. We will work together with you in close collaboration from initial design, through detail design and planning all the way to tender, construction and successful completion of your project on time and within budget.

Scenario Architecture is an RIBA Chartered Practice, which essentially means that we are compliant with the RIBA (Royal Institute of Chartered Architects) strict criteria, covering insurance, health and safety and quality management systems.

As early adopters of latest technology, we use as a standard for all projects a verity of innovative 3D design and visualisation tools to create and communicate design with our clients. Our experience shows that Real-Time visualisations and Virtual Reality tours are extremely powerful tools to streamline the process of choosing material finishes fixtures and fittings as well as simulating realistic natural light conditions.

When we produce accurate and reliable construction information we use the latest 3D BIM technology, (BIM stands for Building Information Modelling) which means that all project information is derived from a single accurate and coordinated 3D model. Using this cutting-edge technology collaboratively with other consultants as well as contractors has proven to save time and cost for our clients.

A case study featuring one of our projects was published by the Chartered Institute of Building, demonstrating the great benefits of this advanced technology specifically with domestic projects.

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