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The virtues of Wandsworth are something of a best-kept secret in London. Its neighbours Battersea and Wimbledon get more attention, and when you do hear about the small South London enclave, it owes more to the infamous prison, or that a scene from Clockwork Orange was shot in a gritty underpass near the Thames. Yet Wandsworth’s slender streets, edged by wrought iron gates and flowering trees, are some of the loveliest in London. Surrounded by outstanding schools, rustic public parks and the trickling River Wandle, it’s like a private island of contented living.

The Victorian houses of Wandsworth are some of the most unique in the city, with unusual gables, pediments, finials, fanlights and covered porches. Sat in a quiet enclave near the River Thames, interspersed with independent shops and pubs, these elegant terraced homes come available less frequently than nearby Fulham or Clapham. And when it comes to building work, they require the wisdom of an architect to carry out works to code.

We launched Scenario in 2007 with a specific architectural vision for modernising heritage property – and building anew. Our work places emphasis on the homeowner. We collaborate with our clients from start to finish, taking into account their way of life to produce functional, tailor-made architecture.

Our landmark project Scenario House was shortlisted for several prestigious architecture awards – including the 2018 RIBA London Awards. It demonstrates our successful approach to domestic architecture projects. Other Scenario projects have featured in Elle Decoration, Dezeen, Houzz and Ideal Home.

Architect Wandsworth Your Wandsworth project

Starting your Wandsworth project

If you are considering building work in Wandsworth, you will require approval from the local authority. An architect, Wandsworth-based, can help you through the process, collaborate with council officials and see through your application. Scenario Architects has a spotless record steering clients through the planning phase.

Our illustrated synopsis will answer any questions you might have about the planning process, covering renovations, restorations, additions and new-build homes.


Visit the building controls section of your council’s website to find out if your architect can navigate the planning process for you. Just located the search engine for planning applications and enter your architect’s name.

Architect Wandsworth


For more information, download our guide to planning regulations in Wandsworth and across London. It offers basic strategies for successfully navigating the process. Download it below.
Planning guide

Architect Wandsworth Your Wandsworth project >> Scenario Architecture

Working with Scenario Architecture on your project in Wandsworth

Our small London studio specialises in residential architecture. We create bespoke home additions, renovations and new-build properties. Based in Hackney, East London, we practice throughout London and the Southeast.

Scenario is a RIBA Chartered Practice, complying with the organisation’s strict health and safety standards. Our skilled team works with the latest 3D design technology: real-time digital visualisations and virtual reality. We feel they are the most effective and efficient tools for seeing through our work, choosing fittings and simulating natural light. This Chartered Institute of Building case study features a recent Scenario project, demonstrating the benefits of advanced technologies in designing for the domestic sphere.

Architect Wandsworth

Full-width extension opens to the beautiful garden of this Victorian property

Architect Wandsworth

Complete renovation and extension of a family home

Architect Wandsworth

We are always investigating new, clever ways to bring light into your house

Architect Wandsworth Your Wandsworth project >> Further Reading

Victorian houses account for one sixth of all British homes. With their limited kitchens and cosy rooms, expanding them has become de rigueur. Victorian extensions are common practice around the country and especially in central London, where homeowners seek extra space in tightly regulated areas by moving into the loft and side return.

Most contemporary architects have worked out space-saving and space-enhancing solutions that can be replicated from house to house. The loft extension, side-return extension and basement excavation have become commonplace moves across the capital and the Home Counties. These strategies are popular because they work to expand a house when a family needs it and bring in valuable natural light. At Scenario, we use up-to-the-minute technology to recoup space and expand in all directions. We maximise hidden corners under stairs and in the eaves. And we find ways to improve the flow of a home that incorporate unusual angles and silhouettes.

An extension of only a few metres can open up a space dramatically in many cases – particularly if there is a creative design behind it, integrating the adjoining rooms. Expanding into a side-return or rear garden can make an eat-in kitchen from a galley, or contribute to a so-called great room in the place of a smaller, darker layout. The removal of a structural wall can allow for a kitchen island where counter space was lacking, and often enough space to incorporate an office nook. In the Victorian terraced houses found around Wandsworth and elsewhere in South London, a side-return extension has great potential for a major lifestyle change.

Ditto a loft conversion. The loft is already there. Opening it up with dormer windows or by lowering the floor slightly avoids increasing the roof volume beyond the regulated amount. And yet it will transform an unused void into up to two bedrooms and a full bathroom. Suddenly a couple or their children can co-opt an entire floor for themselves, or relegate the space for guests.

Scenario Architecture tailors all our residential projects to the lives of the homeowners we work with. Just as no two families are the same, no two kitchens, bathrooms or wardrobes should be. We consult with our clients every step of the way to make sure the way they live, work, sleep, cook, dress and play is reflected in their environment. For this reason, every one of our designs has a different look and flow. So on the outside, you may recognise the house as Victorian, but inside, you won’t recognise it as a Scenario House.

Applying for an extension in a London conservation area should be fairly straightforward, as long as your project complies with the neighbourhood elevation and footprint. An architect, Wandsworth based, can undertake a Building Regulations application for you, ensuring your design complies with the local fire-safety, ventilation, plumbing and structural standards. We at Scenario have fostered relationships with most building and planning commissions across London and we often tackle these responsibilities for our clients.

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Architect Wandsworth In our clients words


Great ideas and vision to help with our substantial improvement of a Victorian terrace. In our experience Scenario’s method prioritises the final result. That may mean more professional fees or higher quotes from contractors, as they understand the exact requirements.


Great, professional service. Good drawings and models and ultimately passed planning at the first attempt with Hackney Council. Would certainly recommend!


Scenario Architecture have created an outstanding design and space that was beyond my expectations. The design was through their unique process of understanding the client’s daily scenarios and collaborating with the client to come up with a unique design. The design process is one of the most memorable parts of the process and they also stretched my existing ideas to help create this unique space. A stress free journey throughout the whole process which Scenario were indispensable by giving advice on many difficult design and build decisions.


We wanted to renovate our house in a conservation area in central London. Given this involved a complete demolition and new build with an extra floor on top, getting planning approval was always going to be tricky. Scenario did an amazing job on the new house ‘envelope’ and throughout the planning phase. We couldn’t have wished for better from them and having succeeded in gaining planning approval owe them a very big ‘thank you’.


Scenario were great at thinking imaginatively and coming up with a design for a ground floor extension that was more ambitous than other architects we spoke to. They also helped us find a contractor who was able to complete the project working within timescale and our tight budget. I would recommend for mid to large sized projects with sufficient budget to allow for full utilisation of their creativity.

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