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With its vast green spaces, excellent public transit links and affordable heritage housing, South London is on the up. A steady stream of creatives has migrated south of the Thames, leaving art degrees for neighbourhoods like Clapham, Camberwell and Greenwich. And a lack of major development has kept the heritage streetscapes intact. Major renovations and extensions are commonplace, opening up historic houses with glass, steel and style.

Many owners of single-family homes south of the river are preserving distinctive woodwork, masonry and window bays while installing new, striking elements that complement the original structure and improve daily life. Most major updates and expansions in South London require permission from the local council, and one of the many South London architects to ensure work is functional, respectful and up to code. Scenario Architecture has worked successfully with planning departments across London to transform historic London homes with a compassionate eye. Our reputation has made our boutique practice one of the most sought-after in London.

Scenario has devised a unique style of working that marries heritage architecture and modern details. We collaborate closely with our clients to keep their needs and objectives at the forefront of every project. Together we have designed practical, user-friendly spaces with striking contrasts – exceptionally modern homes that are easy and enjoyable to live in.
Our signature project Scenario House showcases our commitment to period properties with contemporary elements. In 2018 it was shortlisted for a prestigious RIBA London Award.

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Starting your South London project

Most building projects in South London require approval from the local authority. South London architects can help you through the process, collaborating with council officials to see through your application. Scenario Architects has successfully steered clients through the permissions stage.

We’ve drawn up an illustrated synopsis to help guide you through the planning process for a South London renovation, restoration, addition or new-build.


Visit the building controls section of your council’s website to find out if your architect can navigate the planning process for you. Just located the search engine for planning applications and enter your architect’s name.

South London Architects


You can also download our guide for understanding planning regulations in South London. It offers basic strategies for navigating the process successfully.
Planning guide

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Working with Scenario Architecture on your South London project

Our boutique studio specialises in residential architecture, offering bespoke services for home additions, renovations and new-builds. Based in Hackney, we practice across London and beyond.

A RIBA Chartered Practice, Scenario complies with the UK’s strict health and safety criteria. We collaborate closely with our clients throughout every stage of the process, from the design phase, through planning and construction. We aim to deliver every project on time and on budget.

Our skilled team works with the latest 3D design technology: real-time digital visualisations and virtual reality. We feel they are the most effective and efficient tools for seeing through our work, choosing fittings and simulating natural light.

This Chartered Institute of Building case study features a recent Scenario project, demonstrating the benefits of advanced technologies in designing for the domestic sphere.

South London Architects

Full-width extension opens to the beautiful garden of this Victorian property

South London Architects

Complete renovation and extension of a family home

South London Architects

We are always investigating new, clever ways to bring light into your house

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South London has been occupied for thousands of years. Southwark, the neighbourhood encompassing the South Bank, was the city’s first official suburb. But only now is the vast south-of-Thames area exerting the same pull as the north.

Architecture has a lot to do with South London coming into its own. As its Georgian and Victorian infrastructure began falling into disrepair and its postwar buildings lost their original heroic purpose, architects took notice. With compassionate restorations and adaptive reuse, some of South London’s most neglected architecture has enjoyed a renaissance. Professionals have moved in and opened up old, dark terraces; small businesses have occupied warehouses; shopping malls and car parks have been reimagined by artisans and grassroots businesses. In the process, South London has become a celebrated model for how historic architecture can survive in the digital age.

As our lifestyles have changed, so has our capacity for design savvy. Most homeowners know by now that a period home can be opened up and converted into a contemporary one without altering its integrity. Because of its underdog status, South London is one of the capital’s most affordable areas to take on such a project.

South London architects have capitalised on the fact that their work can have a major impact south of the Thames. Between the major construction projects at Battersea Power Station, Vauxhall, Bermondsey and North Greenwich, they have torn up floor plans and rebuilt from the inside out. They have offered clever solutions for sneaking in storage, an extra toilet or an essential workspace. And an experience eye will see where you’ll need to, say, sacrifice on living space to get the kitchen you want – or see that you won’t need to sacrifice after all.

South London architectures are slowly transforming the built landscape. The cookie-cutter homes builders envisioned 150 years ago are morphing behind heritage facades to suit evolving lifestyles and specific needs. Kitchens are growing, and serving multiple purposes as entertaining spaces and home offices; with separate dining rooms less important nowadays, they’re being folded into the new so-called Great Room. Meanwhile massive units for music and screens are shrinking. The focus of the lounge has changed entirely in just a handful of years. En suite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes are being carved out of eaves and poky bedrooms – not to mention spaces for yoga and meditation. Stairs are hiding storage to reduce clutter coming from small children, while walls are hiding appliances nobody could have even conceived of 50 years ago.

At Scenario, we know where and how to incorporate these changes into your home before you even know you want or need them. And we’ll pinpoint the perfect materials with which to achieve it all. In the end, your house will be a true original.

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South London Architects In our clients words


Great ideas and vision to help with our substantial improvement of a Victorian terrace. In our experience Scenario’s method prioritises the final result. That may mean more professional fees or higher quotes from contractors, as they understand the exact requirements.


Great, professional service. Good drawings and models and ultimately passed planning at the first attempt with Hackney Council. Would certainly recommend!


Scenario Architecture have created an outstanding design and space that was beyond my expectations. The design was through their unique process of understanding the client’s daily scenarios and collaborating with the client to come up with a unique design. The design process is one of the most memorable parts of the process and they also stretched my existing ideas to help create this unique space. A stress free journey throughout the whole process which Scenario were indispensable by giving advice on many difficult design and build decisions.


We wanted to renovate our house in a conservation area in central London. Given this involved a complete demolition and new build with an extra floor on top, getting planning approval was always going to be tricky. Scenario did an amazing job on the new house ‘envelope’ and throughout the planning phase. We couldn’t have wished for better from them and having succeeded in gaining planning approval owe them a very big ‘thank you’.


Scenario were great at thinking imaginatively and coming up with a design for a ground floor extension that was more ambitous than other architects we spoke to. They also helped us find a contractor who was able to complete the project working within timescale and our tight budget. I would recommend for mid to large sized projects with sufficient budget to allow for full utilisation of their creativity.

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