Due to the ongoing developments of the Coronavirus, we have stopped the Yoga for Charity practice, until further notice.

• Every Tuesday at 18:30

• Sessions take place at St Anne’s Church in Hoxton

• 100% of the income goes directly to Charity

• A fixed rate of £5 applies, but higher donations are always welcomed

• Sessions are walk-in, no booking is required

• Suitable for all levels including beginners

• Our Director Ran, a qualified yoga teacher, is leading the sessions

• Please bring your own yoga mat

Please join us to practice and/or support our initiative by following this link.

St Anne’s Hoxton has been the centre of the Hoxton community since it was founded in 1870. It runs a Relief in Need charity to provide a soup kitchen, night shelter, youth club and food gifts for local people in desperate need.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

‘On behalf of St Anne’s Church in Hoxton, I would like to thank everyone who has come to the yoga sessions in our Church and especially those who have donated so generously to the work of St Anne’s Relief in Need.

Our work spans 4 community projects for local people. One aspect is our soup kitchen which runs each Saturday from 5-7pm. We often feed up to 50 people on a Saturday and we are fortunate to have donations of food and money from various people such as you. The other areas of our work are our twice-weekly drop-in cafe, youth club on Friday evenings and in the coldest winter months from January-April, we host a Winter Night Shelter.

All of these projects rely on collaboration with local businesses like Scenario Architecture and donations from people like you, so thank you so much indeed!

And all of this is based around meditation and stillness, in a church on a weekday evening. Finding inner peace is so much of the message of God which we as a Church promote.’

Fr Christopher Woods

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