No matter how detailed and accurate a rendered image may be, it will never have the ability to convey the character and feel of a project. With Virtual Reality technology rapidly advancing, the architecture industry can benefit massively from incorporating VR into their design process. VR allows the client to immerse themselves in their projects.

The availability and affordability of VR headsets, as well as increasingly simpler processes of preparing 3D models for VR use,  mean they are becoming more accessible, and the possibilities for architecture firms are endless.

How does Scenario Architecture use VR?

We began using VR  8 months ago and now use it extensively throughout all stages of the project from the initial client meetings through to defining and deciding on the details of the interiors.

We use VR to plan and imagine the space we are creating, by viewing our work with VR before we make it we can examine and analyse our designs to understand them completely.

VR had proved to be a useful tool in the initial stages of a project to understand the space we are working with or planning to create.

Later in the process, we use it to identify the balance between the materials we use, we can determine which materials will work best within the space, and which will work together. It is easy to change and manipulate the materials, colours and aesthetics of a project through VR.

VR makes it easier for us to identify problems and changes that may occur on site and prevent them from happening. We can explore our model and make appropriate consideration between the model and the on-site project.

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How does a client use VR?

A client will engage with the VR early on in the project when we have an initial design meeting. The moment a design starts to solidify, we provide our clients with a VR headset and a downloadable link to their project so they can experience their personal project themselves. For clients, this is a useful way for them to understand their project in more detail, they can literally see their new home and make important decisions on the spot.

We are finding that more clients are now engaging on this level, it creates efficiency and enables decisions to be made early in the process.

During the detail design stage, clients will have many ideas and will want to experiment, VR allows this experimental process, which ultimately will keep the overall cost of the project down.

VR also makes it possible to convey our ideas to the client in an easier way allowing for an open discussion around ideas.

How do contractors benefit from VR?

At Scenario Architecture we are currently implementing a new and exciting use of VR with our contractors to show them and their teams what exactly they are building on-site. This process allows them to understand the project fully and intuitively explore the project to get a feel for how it will look.

This process can potentially minimise if not eliminate typical mistakes and misunderstandings resulting from the different ways even great professional understand 2D information such as plans sections and elevations.

VR is typically used with developers who wish to sell some flats off plan before the actual building is completed; it helps them to explore the space and show potential clients of theirs how the flats will look like and how it will feel to live in the space.

Take a look at our process, and see how we use Virtual Reality.