The Rise of the Live / Work Space

Technological advances have given us many opportunities to grow. From making our lives easier to changing the way we store memories, it’s clear that technology has become an aid to our lives, giving us more time and space to think more about ourselves and indulge in the things that we truly love to be doing.

One of the opportunities that technology has created is home working. In the past, working from home was difficult because it essentially meant that you were self-employed. Nowadays, being self-employed is just one possible way of working from home – and not the only way. Employers are now more open to letting their staff work from home in flexible way, there are many more freelancing opportunities and people can even make money by running a blog from their home.

There are now more single professionals and even families that are focusing on properties that will offer them an excellent and flexible workspace as well as their home family functions and needs. In addition, there are companies that are renting out modern homes and apartments that not only function as homes but also workspaces for teams that are required to work together on a daily basis for important projects. We might call this the rise of live / work spaces.

What Makes a Live / Work Space?

Live / work spaces are generally defined by their modern, clean decor, non-distracting colour palettes and support for several live-in workers. However, it’s also possible to create a live / work space for a single person.

The key is to create clearly defined workspaces that are separate from the rest of the home. Whether it’s meeting rooms, studies or even empty rooms that can be left up to the tenant’s own ideas, there are plenty of ways to attract the attention of professionals looking for a live / work space.

For property developers, clients may request specific rooms and features. For instance, they might ask for support for several computer desks, they may ask for a large open space for photo shoots or they might even request different kitchen amenities. Every client’s needs are different which is why it’s important to embrace the idea of shaping a live / work space properties to their needs.

Double height spaces are a very popular option for developers. They’re dramatic and introduce plenty of light, they’re easy to personalise and develop, and having another floor adds a lot more floor space, which can be used for various purposes.

In addition to the design and layout, it’s also important that the property has close access to amenities and supports a fast internet connection. A troublesome network can create expensive problems for businesses and work-at-home individuals, which is why it’s incredibly important to have a stable connection. Close transport links are also a good idea because it enables the workers to easily commute to the office space. If the tenants or property owners are working from home, then close transport links make it easy for them to commute and visit clients or get around the city.

Example of a Live / Work space

Scenario Architecture’s Canalside Studio development in Islington is a fantastic example of a live / work space project that was completed in 2015. The invitation was to design a boutique commercial project for a fashion production studio. The brief included creating a new office and studio within a double height shell and core unit. The client requested several things such as an open-plan office, a kitchen and a photo shoot area. The use of a double height space meant that a lot of natural light could enter the unit, making it bright and luxurious. It was kept open on purpose to allow for flexibility.

Live / work spaces have been a property niche for a while now, but with so many professionals looking for alternatives to a regular job and even companies looking for alternatives to an office, it’s a growing market that can be taken advantage of. When you live and work in the same space, it needs to be thoughtfully planned. Yet with the right approach, it’s relatively simple to develop a live / work space that feels comfortable and luxurious while still remaining efficient and functional.

We feel that live / work spaces are only just getting started. With a bright future ahead and more technological advancements that are persuading companies and individual entrepreneurs to work from home, we expect there to be a rise in home working.

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