Whenever you travel through a new area, you always hope to stumble upon a town, city, or village that takes your breath away. A new environment is always refreshing, but it’s nice to immerse yourself within a place that provides you with happiness and stays in your memories for all the right reasons.

The county of Surrey is fortunate enough to have a multitude of wonderful little areas inside it. If you ever spend a day, a week, or a month here, then you might want to do a little exploring and see what it has to offer. If you’re limited on time but you’re still interested in seeing all the sights of this city you can rent a car and have time to explore the surrounding area. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and different people value sights differently, but here are just a few of Surrey’s nicest places.


Godstone is a lovely little area located in the east of the county, near the borders of Sussex and Kent. While not the largest area in the world, it’s home to many different amenities and sights to see. You can stop off at the British Wildlife Centre if you wish to spend some time with animals, or you can check out the local vineyard. There are many, many historical builds located around Godstone, too, if you’re somewhat of an architecture fan or are interested in times gone by.


If you’re looking for a little place that has a calming and relaxing aura about it, then Mickleham might be a lovely day out for you (and your family). Located in the Mole Valley, Mickleham has a blend of modern and olden-style places for you to feast your eyes upon. While it’s well into the 21st century, it also contains many historic properties that may be of interest. You’re in for a treat if you enjoy rural aesthetics, too, as woodland views are aplenty.


Shepperton is a very attractive little place located a short distance away from Charing Cross, London. It’s bounded by the Thames, meaning you’ll see lots of water around, giving you that sense of peace and tranquillity as well as a feast for the eyes. Hopping on a boat and floating around the area is always a popular thing to do. If you’re more than keen on the water, then the Liquid Leisure Aqua Park might tickle your fancy some.


Oxshott is a lovely, picturesque, and quiet little area that can relax anyone that enters. You only need to do a little research and look at photos to notice that it’s very easy on the eyes. It’s a place that anyone would consider moving to (or staying in) should they ever need to relax from the stress of their daily routine. The properties are gorgeous, so you’d be mad not to, at least, consider checking this place out. The beautiful views and overall lovely environment means that it attracts all kinds of people – including high-profile individuals.


Shere is a very popular place, and you may have seen it before at one time or another. Located in the Guildford district, it’s a very beautiful area and attracts people from all over the country. The aesthetics are such that many filmmakers have decided to film there in order to present the perfect environment. The likes of Four Weddings And A Funeral, and Bridget Jones – The Edge Of Reason are just two. A little stroll through Newlands Corner would be enough to put your mind at ease if need be. The beautiful views would bring a smile to any face.


Ripley is a little village that provides residents and tourists alike with lots to do during their stay. It’s not too far away from the West End of London, so it’s a little place that many busy, fast-paced individuals like to enter in order to get away from the hustle and bustle. If you ever visit, you’ll want to take a look at Papercourt Lake at some point. You may also want to visit the St Mary Magdalen church, too.


A quiet little hamlet that contains many a period property, so, again, if you’re into the idea of visiting a place caked in historical and somewhat ancient sights, then Brockham would suit you quite well. Located in the Mole Valley, it’s a comfy little area that anyone can feel at home in. With friendly pubs and eateries, you’ll be well and truly settled for as long as you stay.

There are, of course, many more areas within Surrey that are gorgeous and will provide you with what you want. This wasn’t a list of the highest-ranked places as we couldn’t possibly place one above the other. Now that you’ve been given a little preview, it’s up to you to see for yourself should you ever make the trip!

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