Create a Kitchen Diner with a Side Return Extension

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Kitchen extensions with side returns can give just about any home a little extra valuable space – they are a great way to create a live-in kitchen that many modern families can use to bring joy to their day-to-day lives. In order to create a kitchen diner with a side return extension, you may need to extend your property so that you can create an open-plan living area, and then add areas for cooking, eating, and relaxing.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a well designed extension that makes the most of your existing space. By creating a kitchen diner with a side return extension, you can make the most of the under-utilised areas of the house and create a result that you can enjoy for years to come.

What You Should Know About Kitchen Extensions

Getting your kitchen extension right from the start is key – if you build this poorly, it could end up looking like you’ve simply attached a box to your existing kitchen and potentially making your space less usable than hoped. You need to take the time planning the layout, ensuring that everything lines up aesthetically and that it makes sense for how you would like to use your space.

At Scenario Architecture, we do just that, we look at the scenarios of your life and design a space that works for you. If it’s the morning coffee you enjoy whilst looking into the garden, or cooking dinner for the family whilst the children finish their homework on the dining table, then this is the scenario we start with. When your kitchen extension is designed with care and attention to your life, your extension will blend in seamlessly.

For this area, you’re going to need to consider glazing and lighting. You want the space to be filled with natural light, not only because it’s a mood booster, but because without it, the room may feel far darker than it should be. Sky lights can help you to achieve this easily. This is the best possible way to transform a poorly laid out, rarely used, dark room into a bright, open plan space.

Any glazed areas you have need to comply with building regulations. Fully glazed sliding door walls are extremely popular, and they will both let a lot of light into the room and allow your garden to become a useful extension to your home. Even if you can’t open them due to the weather outside, it’s still very much like you’re spending more time in the great outdoors thanks to the views and the lighting.

More About Side Return Extensions

Is it really worth extending a few metres either side of your property – surely it won’t make much of a difference? It may not make much of a difference on paper, but when this is done correctly it will enable an improved use of space to the rest of the room. It can make a huge difference to how you live and enjoy your space when it is complete.

Even just a few extra metres width added to a room can open up your space and make a standard-sized room feel dramatically larger. You may decide that a side return by itself likely won’t be worth the hassle, but if you combine it with a double storey extension, you may find the additional cost will be justified with the additional space it adds to your home.

A single storey extension extended into the side returns where possible will help you to make the most of your home, especially if you’re looking to significantly improve your kitchen diner room. Add plenty of glazing and the space will be filled with light during the day, and look out on to the garden during the evening – and it typically increases your home’s resale value.

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