7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be the easiest way to transform a room in minutes. But it’s not just about choosing what looks good. It’s also about choosing the right wallpaper for your home.

Here are seven tips for finding the perfect mural wallpaper.

Choosing the right wallpaper

Choosing the perfect wallpaper for your room can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider, including the style of your space, its dimensions, and budget. If you want to make sure your blank canvas is transformed into a stunning mural, the first step is choosing a pattern or colour scheme for your walls. You should consider what kind of decor would suit your style and personality. When you have chosen what design reflects your style best, use the wallpaper as a jumping-off point to decorate the rest of your space. Picking colours, patterns and themes from your wallpaper can help guide the design of the space and ensures a room that is cohesive.

Choose the right wall

Because your mural will be the focal point of your room, it must be placed on the ideal wall where it can be a grand feature and accentuate the space.

There are a few characteristics that can help you decide where is best to play your feature wall. You should look at a wall that is large enough to accommodate the size of your mural, place it reasonably from any cornices or panelling (this could make it appear crooked), and avoid putting it where light can obstruct it.

Find your 'wow' factor

When choosing a mural wallpaper, it’s important to keep your choices fresh and suitable for you. Here are some tips for ensuring this.

Look for patterns that mix different styles and are suitable for the room they will be in. For example, a pattern with an abstract background is a perfect design for a teenage room wallpaper

If you go for a bold and vibrant design, ensure this is the talking point of the room and the main feature, otherwise, this may overpower and clash with other elements within the room.

If you decide to choose a neutral colour palette, this can be a subtle backdrop to introduce pops of colour to add your unique style or ensures a space that is easy to change over the course of time. 

Create a focal point

One of the most satisfying things about putting up wallpaper is seeing how it transforms your space. If you choose a design that speaks to you, the transformation can be dramatic and complete the room.  To create a focal point, try using one of these techniques:

Choose a fresh colour for your ceiling if you want it to stand out more than the other walls in the room. Brighter or softer colours will give the eye something intriguing to focus on when entering the space and provide a good contrast to the other colors in the room while not clashing with your design.

You can also use wallpaper on one wall of every room in your house to serve as an accent piece that ties all of your rooms together visually. For example, if you have a bathroom with blue tiles, use blue wallpaper in this area so that it doesn’t clash with any other colours in your home but still feels like part of one cohesive design scheme overall.

Pick a timeless colour scheme

It’s best to choose a colour scheme that will suit the room and your preferences. For instance, if you have an elegant living room filled with rich tones, you should opt for a style that is in keeping with this theme. You should also consider how visible your mural is from any angle when placed on your walls.

Get exact measurements

To successfully install your mural wallpaper, you’ll need to measure your wall first.

Make sure you use a measuring tape or ruler from the top left corner of the room down across the floor until you reach the bottom right corner of the room. Do this for both the length and the width so you can see if there are any doors or windows on either side that might make it hard to put your new presentation in the right place.

If there aren’t any obstacles, use another measuring tape or ruler to measure the height. Start at one end of where you measured the width (or just below if there were obstacles) and go up as high as you can without hitting any ceiling fixtures like lights or vents because they may not leave enough space above them for hanging art, even if they are placed within your measurements.

Don't underestimate the impact of wallpaper

Wallpaper can quickly change the look of a room, giving it personality and charm. With the right wallpaper, a room can go from mismatched to stylish and inviting.

It’s also a great way to create focal points in your home without investing too much time and is great for adding interest to plain spaces.

We hope these tips will help you find the right wallpaper for your home, whether you want something simple and neutral or a design that is bold and eye-catching. Nothing makes a house feel like a home, like designs that you love.

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