Shoreditch is often considered the creative hub of London’s East End. It’s a fascinating and fun place to visit, particularly if you love exploring classic examples of architecture. To explore everything this urban hub has to offer, you need a full 24 hours. Start in the morning with a delightful breakfast and don’t leave until you’ve frequented one of the classic bars or clubs. So, where should you begin?


Breakfast In Shoreditch

The way to start a day in Shoreditch is to look for a place for a fantastic breakfast. There are plenty of brilliant options here but we suggest you begin with the Book Club. This is quite a small breakfast spot but offers a delicious selection of scrambled eggs, buttermilk pancakes and even a full English breakfast. You will love the look of this remarkable venue as well. It has a rustic design with bare brick walls and minimal lighting fixtures. If you do stay in Shoreditch for the whole day, be sure to venture back here for some killer cocktails and a completely different ambiance through the evening.

Alternatively, if you would like to try something completely different, venture down Kingsland Road where you will discover BIRD. The breakfast shop can be found in a traditional and vintage building with a unique exterior layout. Inside, you will immediately be greeted with the wonderful scents of organic chicken wings served with waffles that are completely homemade. Stop in later and you can also get a tasty treat for Lunch too.


Marvel At Art

Once you have found the perfect breakfast spot, you can then begin to explore the wonderful sights of Shoreditch. Though, we imagine, you will have already noticed the street art by this point. The best way to experience this is by taking a journey from Brick Lane down Shoreditch Triangle and Redchurch Street. It is here that you will find some of the most impressive murals from all of London. If you’re looking for more in-depth information you can book a walking tour in this area. You’ll find these are led by real street artists that provide some fascinating insights.

Of course, the streets aren’t the only place where you will find art and examples of the culture of Shoreditch. You should also take a trip back to the past by visiting the Geffrye Museum (reopens in 2020). This was originally created in 1714 and is a fascinating piece of architecture as it’s one of the oldest buildings in the area. While originally used as almshouse the museum was renovated and refurbished before opening as a museum in 1914. As you explore the different rooms of the museum you’ll find stunning examples of British interior living. The full museum showcases fascinating examples from over four centuries and the design of the building is also quite remarkable. It was expanded by Branson Coates Architects in 1998.

Or, you might want to consider visiting one of the splendid art galleries. For instance, you could view the work of Kate McGarry. Her art gallery opened at the beginning of the new millennium on Redchurch street before moving a little further down the road. You can see plenty of incredible and stunning pieces of modern art here including work from Ben Rivers. Alternatively, you could also explore Iniva. This is an institute built and created for artists of black and Asian descent that includes work from Idris Khan, Steve McQueen. And Yinka Shonibare MBE to name just a few. It’s a great place to spend a couple of hours and regularly holds some stunning exhibitions in the space on the bottom floor.


Breaking For Lunch

After you have explored the galleries and museum, you’ll almost certainly be famished. If that’s the case, there are a few choices available to you. You can indulge in the street food of Brick Lane. If you’re visiting Shoreditch on a Sunday, you’ll be greeted to a fabulous market offering food from around the world. You’ll discover everything here from Thai cuisine to Canadian greats. As well as places to eat outdoors, you also need to check out the enclosed areas such as Backyard Market or Sunday Upmarket.

Or, if you want a brilliant restaurant to dine in that provides a gorgeous example of British architecture, consider stopping at Les Trois Garcons restaurant. The building was originally a Victorian pub in 1880. During this time, it was one of the most popular in the area. By the 1990s the pub was acquired and transformed into something quite different. On the ground floor, there was a restaurant, kitchen and a chef’s table private room while the basement still houses a glorious wine cellar.

The interior is quite remarkable too. You’ll find that it is decorated with everything from English heritage including vintage handbags and jewellery. These hang from the mantelpiece and provide a beautiful glow in the dim lighting. It’s a cosy spot that serves delicious meals regularly.

Once you have finished with lunch, make sure that you venture to Boxpark. This wonderful pop-up mall is made entirely out of shipping containers. Here, you can shop, drink and find some fantastic additional places to eat including vegan delights from around the world. This is also the spot to enjoy a great party or festival.


Bars And Clubs

In the evening, it will be time to check out the nightlife of Shoreditch and there’s plenty to enjoy here. One of the best and most unique experiences can be found at Bounce. This is a bar filled to the brim with ping pong tables. So, you’ll be able to share a drink while trying to win a round or two. It’s quite remarkable and while there are now a few different venues like this around the UK, Shoreditch was the starting point.

Alternatively, if you want a fantastic night out, you can explore either Cargo or XOYO. The latter provides an industrial design and fills up fast. It’s regularly hosted by some of the areas top DJs and entertainers. Cargo is more budget-friendly and provides a vibrant and fast-paced experience.

We hope you use this guide to have an incredible day and night in Shoreditch.

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