Mercè Cofan

MSc Architecture - Designer

Mercè studied Architecture at UdG EPS, then went on to study her Master’s program in UPC ETSAB (Barcelona), with a one year study experience in Univesita della Sapienza (Rome) in between.

Before joining Scenario she worked in Barcelona in a wide range of projects. She investigated and became intrigued by homes and their ability to shape and improve people’s lives. She also worked on the urban design of the center of the town of Girona and, on a more unusual note, the rehabilitation of Castle of Requesens.

She moved to London, looking to grow and learn from the metropolis and there she expanded her knowledge of bespoke residential design while working on different scale residential projects all around the city.

She is a skilled designer with a natural curiosity and will to use creativity to the user’s benefit. She believes that architecture is a great tool, with countless possibilities, that must respond to the people’s needs and desires. With her designs, she intends to propose immediate solutions to obvious problems as well as take advantage of the potential of each project to become something more, with the relentless intention to improve the quality of space.