Irem Dökmeci

MArch (PartIII) TMMOB - Designer

Irem completed her architecture degree in METU, Ankara before moving to London for her Master’s studies at the AA DRL in 2012. She also lived in Milan for a year where she studied in Politecnico di Milano as an exchange student.

Before joining Scenario, Irem worked with Bogle Architects for 6 years, where she gained experience on projects of various functions and sizes, including offices, student residences, schools, and housing. Working on a private residential project, she realised the importance of humanly connections and interactions in architecture, and this has been her motivation to move forward in her career.

Irem sees design as a tool to enrich our lives and understands that spaces, textures, and colours greatly impact how we feel and function. She aims to create unique and meaningful experiences through architecture while maximising functionality. Irem is also a keen gardener, takes nature as an inspiration and tool for her design, with a focus on sustainability.