Teodora Iancu

MSc Architecture - Designer

Teo studied at FAU Cluj-Napoca until 2013, when she decided to follow a two year Master’s program in Architectural Design at AAU, Denmark.

Before joining Scenario in May 2016, she was part of the GPA team in Copenhagen, where she worked on the development of larger scale concepts. Teo is creative and pragmatic; she possesses excellent Design development understanding and believes that details can strongly influence our entire perception. For her, architecture is an enriching spatial partner in the experience of all events in life. She recognises unique potential in furniture scale due to its proximity and intimate relationship with the human body.

She understands that precise treatment of form together with a careful choice of materials can create a stage for our lives. During her studies and her professional experience, Teo refined her views and became fascinated with enriching space generating elements.