Polina Nenasheva

MArch Architecture and Urbanism - Interior Architectural Designer

Polina began her education in her hometown Vladimir State University in Russia, where she achieved her first degree. She went on to spend two more years at MARCH Architecture School in Moscow, in partnership with London Metropolitan University, where she secured her Masters degree in Architecture and Urbanism.

Having previously worked at small studios, in 2016 she became a part of the award-winning Form Bureau, Moscow and, most recently, Treivas Architects. Throughout this time, she worked on a range of projects, focusing on interior design and smaller scale architecture across the residential, cultural and hospitality sectors.

Polina is passionate about creating beautiful, sophisticated places. She is precious about heritage, has a keen eye for details, and believes that architectural and interior environments have a significant impact on mental and physical health. Polina’s definition of home is a nurturing and healing space.