Maya Carni

Architect ARB RIBA Chartered - Director and Founder

Alumni of the Architectural Association, she went on to co-found Scenario Architecture in 2007. During her studies at the Architectural Association she rigorously explored the question of what makes a house into a home, a fascination that continued to be explored in Scenario Architecture together with our clients.

Maya currently oversees the design process and outputs of Scenario. During the last few years Maya has also branched into property development herself and worked on several multi-flat residential schemes as an Architect and a joint venture partner. Her first-hand experience of the development world and its priorities proves extremely valuable when providing architectural services to our developers, whether in partnership or as a consultant.

Alongside her work at Scenario, Maya also consulted at Cogress, a start-up company financing equity of property development and she still has close relations with the directors at this successful venture.