Scenario is more than just a name for an architecture practice. It represents an original way of thinking, approaching and creating buildings.

Our team is constantly devising new methods for transforming your needs, limitations and dreams into homes that work for your lifestyle. Engaging our clients in an inclusive, interactive process gives us a high-definition brief we can examine against local planning restrictions, sustainability factors and structural considerations. Navigating these variables is our definition of architectural design. And it always generates a unique product unencumbered by style or preconception.


We’re a RIBA-chartered practice working with homeowners from concept through completion. Our skilled team approaches each project with leading-edge technology that boosts efficiency while driving down costs. We offer all our clients bespoke sustainability packages that go beyond current building regulations to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Over a decade in the business, we’ve formed relationships with planning authorities across the capital, allowing us to translate our highly unique visions into bespoke properties filled with light. Working with Scenario means getting a space that complements your lifestyle, wherever you choose to live.


Our Company Culture

We are very proud of the Scenario Architecture Team and we are excited to continue hiring fantastic new additions to join our growing practice. Read more about what makes Scenario Architecture unique, and the benefits package we offer every new addition to the team.